Russian-Mistress Video: Lisa, Okay, It Is Obvious That Mistress Lisa’s New Slave Is A Strong One – A Mere Look At His Body Will Be Enough To Understand It. However, The Mistress Wants Her Boy Toys To Be Really Flexible Too. And Their Flexibility Is Earned Only Through Merciless Training. Watch Lisa Push The Scared Guy Down On The Floor And Come Torturing Him Like A Professional Wrestler Playing Around With A Rag Doll. Porn
Russian-Mistress Video: Lisa, Okay, it is obvious that Mistress Lisa’s new slave is a strong one – a mere look at his body will be enough to understand it. However, the Mistress wants her boy toys to be really flexible too. And their flexibility is earned only through merciless training. Watch Lisa push the scared guy down on the floor and come torturing him like a professional wrestler playing around with a rag doll.
Madison Young And Utah Sweet In Whippedass Video, Madison Young Has No Business Working Out In The Same Gym As Utah Sweet, A Serious And Perfessional Trainer.  She Is Only There To Stretch For The Boys In Her Cute Little Clothes.  An Inappropriate Phone Call Leads To A Leather Belt Spanking, Body Worship, Strap-on Sex, And A Colorful Caning. Porn
Madison Young and Utah Sweet in Whippedass Video, Madison Young has no business working out in the same Gym as Utah Sweet, a serious and perfessional trainer. She is only there to stretch for the boys in her cute little clothes. An inappropriate phone call leads to a leather belt spanking, body worship, strap-on sex, and a colorful caning.
Mistress Lorelei Lee Takes Over Divine Bitches For A Week!, Divine Bitch: Mistress Lorelei Lee Slave: Drake Temple I Was Fed Up With Slaveboys And Handed The Keys Over To Mistress Lorelei Lee For An Entire Week! Mistress Lorelei Lee Is A Lifesaver And Guest Directed All My Shoots That Week! Upon My Return I Was Completely Amused By This Video. You See, I've Seen Drake Temple Types Before. He's The Type Of Guy That Acts 'too Cool' To Be There But Keeps Coming Back For More. Funny Enough The Way We Found Drake Temple Was Because He Skateboards With His Hip Crew Out Front The Armory. If His Friends Knew He Was Getting Fucked Like A Little Bitch And Liking It Within The Walls Of The Castle Steps That They Board On The Humiliation Would Be To Much For This Little Pussyboy To Handle. This Makes Every Time Mistress Lorelei Whips, Clamps Or Strap-on Fucks Him More Fun To Watch! You Can See His Bad Attitude Turn Into Frustration Over Him Battling His True Feelings Of Submissiveness. I Think I Need To Get My Hands On This Little Pussy, Bend Him Over My Knee And Give Him The Spanking He Deserves. Maitresse's Evaluation Goals Acceptance Come To Terms With Submissive Desires Humiliation Humble Slave Pleasure Become Useful For Something Closing Assessment Cute Bad Attitude In Over His Head Needs Total Humiliation Interesting Use Of His Mouth As A Vibrator Porn
Mistress Lorelei Lee takes over Divine Bitches for a Week!, Divine Bitch: Mistress Lorelei Lee Slave: Drake Temple I was fed up with slaveboys and handed the keys over to Mistress Lorelei Lee for an entire week! Mistress Lorelei Lee is a lifesaver and guest directed all my shoots that week! Upon my return I was completely amused by this video. You see, I've seen Drake Temple types before. He's the type of guy that acts 'too cool' to be there but keeps coming back for more. Funny enough the way we found Drake Temple was because he skateboards with his hip crew out front The Armory. If his friends knew he was getting fucked like a little bitch and liking it within the walls of the castle steps that they board on the humiliation would be to much for this little pussyboy to handle. This makes every time Mistress Lorelei whips, clamps or strap-on fucks him more fun to watch! You can see his bad attitude turn into frustration over him battling his true feelings of submissiveness. I think I need to get my hands on this little pussy, bend him over my knee and give him the spanking he deserves. Maitresse's Evaluation Goals acceptance come to terms with submissive desires humiliation humble slave pleasure become useful for something Closing assessment cute bad attitude in over his head needs total humiliation interesting use of his mouth as a vibrator
Russian-Mistress Video: Abby, If This Fat Fucker Thinks That His New Petite Mistress Will Be Nice With Him, He Is Dead Wrong. In Spite Of Looking Fragile And Delicate, Mistress Abby Is Capable Of Giving Her Boy Toys Real Crazy Training Sessions And She’s Here To Prove It. Watch Her Ride Her Leashed Pony Boy Like They Are On A Rodeo And Then Humiliate Him By Spitting Into His Mouth And Using It As A Twisted Sizzling Ashtray. Porn
Russian-Mistress Video: Abby, If this fat fucker thinks that his new petite Mistress will be nice with him, he is dead wrong. In spite of looking fragile and delicate, Mistress Abby is capable of giving her boy toys real crazy training sessions and she’s here to prove it. Watch her ride her leashed pony boy like they are on a rodeo and then humiliate him by spitting into his mouth and using it as a twisted sizzling ashtray.
FetishNetwork Video: Submit To Mistress Cristian, Charles Has Been A Bad Boy And The Sensual Mistress Cristian Is Very Good At Punishing Bad Boys. Cristian Leads Her Slave Through A Long Session Of Humiliation. After Being Required To Polish Her Boots With His Tongue Its' Plenty Of Bondage. ...    Full DescriptionC.B.T Spanking, Flogging, Smothering And A Stiletto Heel Digging Into The Privates Of Naughty Charles. Porn
FetishNetwork Video: Submit To Mistress Cristian, Charles has been a bad boy and the sensual Mistress Cristian is very good at punishing bad boys. Cristian leads her slave through a long session of humiliation. After being required to polish her boots with his tongue its' plenty of bondage. ... Full DescriptionC.B.T spanking, flogging, smothering and a stiletto heel digging into the privates of naughty Charles.
Under-Feet Video: Selena, Mature Mistress Selena’s Pony Boy Is Acting Damn Lazy Tonight – Sitting On His Back, She Feels Like She Is Moving At The Speed Of One Inch A Minute, So… It’s Time To Dismount Him And Walk On Foot. Needless To Say, This Walking Will Put The Guy Through A Sheer Hell Of Pain And Humiliation As His Mistress Will Be Walking All Over His Body, Hurting Him With Her Bare Feet And With Her Stiletto Heels. Porn
Under-Feet Video: Selena, Mature Mistress Selena’s pony boy is acting damn lazy tonight – sitting on his back, she feels like she is moving at the speed of one inch a minute, so… It’s time to dismount him and walk on foot. Needless to say, this walking will put the guy through a sheer hell of pain and humiliation as his Mistress will be walking all over his body, hurting him with her bare feet and with her stiletto heels.
 Russian-Mistress Video: Erica, Even Though This Doggy Boy Has Been Perfectly Obedient Lately, His Mistress Is Still Sure He Needs Rough Training On A Regular Basis. And Boy Will He Get It Today. Even Though He Thought He Would Only Have To Do The Walking Around The Bossy Beauty, He Will End Up Getting The *** Flogged Out Of Him! And Then Will Come Some Foot Domination And A Generous Golden Shower… It’s Gonna Be A Hard Day!  Porn
Russian-Mistress Video: Erica, Even though this doggy boy has been perfectly obedient lately, his Mistress is still sure he needs rough training on a regular basis. And boy will he get it today. Even though he thought he would only have to do the walking around the bossy beauty, he will end up getting the *** flogged out of him! And then will come some foot domination and a generous golden shower… It’s gonna be a hard day!
Russian-Mistress Video: Mistress Salma, Oh My, Just Look At That! Our Naughty Little Wee Wee Boy Didn’t Manage To Gulp His Mistress’s Urine Down Fast Enough When She Was Pissing Into His Mouth And… He Totally Fucked Up The Place! Well, Worse For Him – Now He Will Have To Work Real Hard To Clean Up The Mess. Watch Him Crawl On All Fours In Front Of The Angry Domme, Licking Her Juices Off The Floor And Squealing Every Time She Hits Him. Porn
Russian-Mistress Video: Mistress Salma, Oh my, just look at that! Our naughty little wee wee boy didn’t manage to gulp his Mistress’s urine down fast enough when she was pissing into his mouth and… He totally fucked up the place! Well, worse for him – now he will have to work real hard to clean up the mess. Watch him crawl on all fours in front of the angry domme, licking her juices off the floor and squealing every time she hits him.
 Russian-Mistress Video: Megan & Jennifer, The New Playground Of Mistress Megan And Mistress Jennifer Is As Ugly And As Scary As It Can Only Be – A Perfect Place For Torturing Slaves In. Every Inch Of This Dirty Place Reeking Of Stale Sweat And Urine Scares The *** Out Of Submissive Men And… That Is Not For No Reason. See The Inhuman Tortures That The Russian Dommes Put Their Boy Toys Through Here – Guarantee You Will Be Stunned.  Porn
Russian-Mistress Video: Megan & Jennifer, The new playground of Mistress Megan and Mistress Jennifer is as ugly and as scary as it can only be – a perfect place for torturing slaves in. Every inch of this dirty place reeking of stale sweat and urine scares the *** out of submissive men and… That is not for no reason. See the inhuman tortures that the Russian dommes put their boy toys through here – guarantee you will be stunned.
Russian-Mistress Video: Madame Anna & Jess, Madame Anna Is Visiting Jess Tonight. These Two Gorgeous Ladies Love Teaming Up On Their Slaves And Torturing Them Together. What Awaits The Boy Toy Who Ended Up At Their Disposal Will Be Horrible. They Will Humiliate Him, Spit Into His Face, Bitch-slap And Whip Him… His Dignity Will Be Wiped Away By These Goddesses. He Will Understand He Means Nothing To Them And Yearn For The Training Session To Finish. Porn
Russian-Mistress Video: Madame Anna & Jess, Madame Anna is visiting Jess tonight. These two gorgeous ladies love teaming up on their slaves and torturing them together. What awaits the boy toy who ended up at their disposal will be horrible. They will humiliate him, spit into his face, bitch-slap and whip him… His dignity will be wiped away by these goddesses. He will understand he means nothing to them and yearn for the training session to finish.
Russian-Mistress Video: Nora, Clips:These Two Fellas Have Been Too Disobedient Today, And Right Now They Will Get Punished For Being Bad Boys. Their Severe Blonde Mistress Has Got The Most Serious Intentions As For Her Helpless Nude Slaves. At First Our Kinky Dominatrix ***s The Guys To Boot Licking, And Only Then, When They’re Ready For Everything To Be Forgiven, Brutal Mistress Lets The Fellas Lick Her Charming Sweet Feet. Porn
Russian-Mistress Video: Nora, Clips:These two fellas have been too disobedient today, and right now they will get punished for being bad boys. Their severe blonde mistress has got the most serious intentions as for her helpless nude slaves. At first our kinky dominatrix ***s the guys to boot licking, and only then, when they’re ready for everything to be forgiven, brutal mistress lets the fellas lick her charming sweet feet.
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